Building a healthy and beautiful aquarium fish tank is a process and is a fun activity. Once you learn tall the necessary tips and techniques to build a fish tank you’ll love this hobby and even your kids will enjoy every bit of it. Let’s have a look at the process itself and different aspect to make this easier.

1) Pick Up the right size of tank – This is the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind, that how big my tank should be. If you are just starting out then a 10 gallon tank will be just fine to start with. This tank will measure around 20″ X 10″ x 12″.

If you are not ready for this size of tank then smaller sized tanks are also available that you’ll be comfortable to work with.

2) Pick the right fish species – Building a fish tank is more than just a tank with water and fish swimming in it. What you are trying to do is replicate the exact natural environment in a closed space which will be “home” for fish and must be maintained and taken care of just like the way it happens in nature.

That is why make sure you pick up species that are strong and can survive in hard conditions. There are some beginner species that will serve this purpose s that that even if you make certain changes in your fish tank environment, your fish species will be able to survive.

3) Pick the right kind of accessories for your aquarium – There are some minimum accessories that you’ll always require for fish keeping. Once you buy this necessary equipment it will be easier for you to maintain a healthy tank that entertains you for years and add value to your life.

4) Learn about maintaining a fish tank – There is no other unfortunate thing for your fish if you don’t maintain your fish tank. As mentioned above the water in your tank is not flowing anywhere like lakes, rivers and ponds, it stays in the tank unless you change it. That is why a schedule for maintenance of your aquarium is a muAquarium fish tankst and if you learn it during early stages of this hobby then you’ll have a healthy fish tank all day long serving you.

5) Learn about fish diseases – No matter how much care you take, it’s possible that you fish will become sick sometimes. By learning about basics of fish diseases you’ll be able to treat them or take the necessary actions so that fish enjoy the long and healthy life.

6) Learn advanced fish keeping techniques – This is not an absolute must because not everyone will have time and passion to go through the advanced techniques like breeding species etc. But learning about these will not harm your knowledge.

7) Invest time for this hobby – I cannot stress enough the importance of allotting enough time for fish keeping. Fish are living beings and they need care and attention too. By providing all the necessary conditions you’ll go a long way in building a healthy and beautiful fish tank that you, your family members and even guest will admire.


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