How often do I feed aquarium goldfish?You can feed the gold fish twice a day but prevent overfeeding. When you feed your fish see how much they actually eat and the next time adjust the quantity. The food that fish won’t eat will settle at the bottom of the tank and rot. This rotten food can be harmful for fish chemistry.

Here is an important video about feeding your aquarium fish.

How often do I feed a betta fish in the aquarium?

It’s enough to feed the betta fish once a day and check the quantity you put when feeding them. Also observe how much food they actually eat and how much settles down. In matter of a week you’ll get a clear idea of their schedule and even the quantity. Prevent overfeeding because uneaten food will settle down and rot which can be harmful for fish.

How often to feed fish in a tropical aquarium?

  • If your tank has less than 10 gallons of water and under 10 fish in it then you can feed them once a day.
  • If your tank is a big one with more than 10 gallons capacity and more than 10 fish to feed then you can feed them twice a day.

Also it’s a good idea to skip a day of the week.

How often should I feed aquarium tiger barbs?

You can feed the tiger barbs once every day in small quantities. After you feed them, see how much they eat and how much goes uneaten. This will help you to adjust the perfect quantity and prevent rotting on uneaten food.

Which Are The Popular Brands Of Aquarium Fish Food?

If you check portal you’ll find many brands available. Some brands have dedicated products for certain species of fish like Betta, Goldfish, Cichlids. Some of the popular brands are

  • Tetra
  • Zoo Med
  • Aqueon
  • Hikari Usa Inc.
  • Hikari

Check for several brands of aquarium fish foods available.

Recommended fish food


Tetra Bloodworms, 0.28-Ounce, 100-Ml

Aquarium Fish Food – FAQ

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