Decorating a fish tankThere are several ways to decorate your fish tank using commonly found items or buying several of the following fish tank decorating accessories.
  • Aquatic plants – Here are some names- Indian red sword, Four leaf clover, Anacharis, Pogostemon Helferi
  • Rocks, gravel, stones
  • Shells
  • Stone bridges
  • Stone caves
  • Ceramic houses, hideouts

1) You can even create your own decorative items from simple household objects like ceramic pots, cups, saucers, arranging decorative stones you found during hiking. etc. Make sure you clean these items with hot water and dry them. DO NOT wash them with detergent or soap.

2) Another cool and affordable way to decorate your fish tank is to use granite pebbles as these are very cheap and make an excellent display. You can use the polished and rounded ones because they won’t harm fish skin. These are available in several colors like white, black and red.

3) You can check for several creative fish tank decorating accessories. Here are some

Gem stones available in several colors

GemStones® Pearls® Decorative Aquarium Stones, Pink, 90/bag

Ship Models

Penn Plax Shipwreck Resin Aquarium Décor

Blue Ribbon Pirates Ghost Ship Ornament

Fish tank caves

Marina Decor Polyresin Cave, Large

Check complete catalog of aquarium decorating ornaments from

Best Fish Tank Decorating Ideas

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