There are two ways to have a good quality fish tank at home.
1) Buying an aquarium kit

2) Buying individual items and assembling everything

Let’s have a look at these two options closely.

Buying an aquarium kit has some obvious advantages like you will get everything you need to get started at once and you’ll be ready with the tank to be occupied fast. If you are just starting out or if this is your first tank then many people will recommend you to do this. Buying a kit is the best way to save money initially.

But as you move along with your hobby you’ll notice that the equipment that came with the kit is very basic and you’ll feel the need to purchase replacement items separately which will cost some more. SO if you are really going to take your hobby to the next level then consider this extra cost in a few months down the line.

You can start with a 10 gallon tank. The size of this tank would be 20″ X 10″ X 12″

Lets’ have a look at costs. has many amazing deals for aquarium kits. Here is one I found for starting out that comes with almost everything to get started.

Marina Style 10 Glass Aquarium Kit – 10 Gallons

Now if you want to buy items individually here is a small list of what you’ll need. I’m going to consider a 10 gallon tank for starting out.

(All prices are approximate. All prices are in US Dollars)

1) Fish tank with top hood – $45

2) Water heater with thermostat – $13

3) Power Water filer – $28

4) Digital thermometer – $5

5) Air pump – $10

6) Decorative gravel – $6.5

7) LED lights – $35

8) Fish Food – $10

9) Water testing kit – $20

10) Fish –

  • Purple Tetra – $12
  • Platy – $1.5
  • Guppy – $2.55
  • Catfish -$7.5
  • Red Cichlid – $4.5
  • Silver Molly – $1.75
  • Giant Danio – $2.5
  • Rasbora – $1.90
Total Costs Involved In Buying Fish Tank And Accessories

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