Now you have bought a good tank for your aquarium it’s necessary that you place it at the perfect location. Here are some points to consider while picking up a location for your fish tank.When we build a fish tank all we are trying to do is replicate the exact conditions that would otherwise be available in natural conditions. If you read the instructions below carefully, you’ll find that all we are trying to do is create the same conditions as available in nature where fish normally live.

  • Never keep the fish tank on ground or floor level. People walking by this tank may accidentally kick the fish tank causing it to break or people may get hurt because of this. If you have kids then they may accidentally drop toys, objects, food inside the tank that can be harmful for the fish as well as for the kids.
  • The floor level accumulates dust as it is the lowermost level and in case of a fish tank, this can contaminate the water very easily causing to change the aquarium water chemistry which is dangerous for the fish.
  • Other pets in your home like dogs, cats may attack the fish causing a big mess. To avoid this make sure your fish tank is not on the ground/ floor level.
  • Keep your fish tank on a strong table or platform preferably 4 feet above ground level. This level is easily visible for a normal height human being. Since fish tanks looks awesome after decoration they can add aesthetic beauty to your home interiors. If you pick a wooden table then make sure the platform does not wobble even after you fill the tank with it’s full capacity. Even smaller vibrations are harmful for fish as they are very sensitive.
  • Another important aspect of picking this height is ease of maintenance and protection. At times when you’ll need to clean the tank or replace the water it will be easier to manage at this height.
  • Avoid direct sunlight falling on your aquarium as this will alter water temperature if sunlight falls for a longer period of time and at the same time allow too much growth of algae. Algae growth in your water will turn it green and the tank will look ugly. The water will become too much cloudy and you’ll need to clean it frequently.
  • Make sure you have electricity points nearby your fish tank. This is necessary because you are going to attach an air pump and a heater for your tank which run on electricity. Also if you are going to keep your tank in the bedroom make sure to check the noise of the air pump because it will vibrate a little causing humming noise. For most people, this can be really disturbing. Check this article on how to reduce air pump noise.
  • If you are going to keep the fish tank where people are going to smoke then make sure the air pump sucks air from another room as the air that goes into the tank must be pure for the obvious reasons.
  • If you live nearby high traffic areas then smaller vibrations of the street traffic may cause vibrations of the fish tank inside the house. This can be harmful for the fish in the long run.
  • Do not keep your fish tank near a fireplace or in the area where there are constant temperature changes taking place. These temperature changes directly affect the temperature of the water which is not good for fish health. Avoid keeping your tank in bathrooms as well.
  • See that the air forcefully coming out of air conditioner does not fall on the fish tank because this will alter water temperature causing your fish to die because of freezing. Secondly the water heater attached to the tank walls will consume more energy causing it to malfunction and you’ll also receive unwanted increased energy bills.


Where Should You Place Your Fish Tank?

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