1) Water Heater – In a tropical fish aquarium it’s necessary to maintain water temperature at 24 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit) for this a water heater must be installed inside the tank. A heater that has a built-in thermostat is the best choice for effortless maintenance of the tank. This heater keep switched ON 24 hours maintaining a continuous temperature desired for healthy living of your fish. the thermostat prevent too much overheating of the fish tank water. Read more about Aquarium Water Heaters.
2) Fish tank thermometer – As the heater is used to maintain a constant water temperature of 24 degrees Celsius, a thermometer is necessary to indicate any changes in this temperature. If you see the reading too low or too high on this thermometer, you can take the necessary action to bring the temperature to desires numbers immediately. Read more about thermometers and their types.
3) Water Filter – Filters come in a variety of sizes and types. Filters help you to keep the water clean and maintain water quality from health point of view as well visually clean so that you can enjoy an excellent quality aquarium. Read more about water filters.

 4) Air Pump – Air pump forces air into water which helps to agitate the water at the surface breaking it and allowing easy entry of oxygen into aquarium water. Read more about air pumps.

5) Fish Tank Lights – In modern aquariums LED tube lights are used as these are long lasting and produce excellent quality even lighting without producing extra heat. Read more about fish tank lighting.

6) Decorating ornaments – These include a variety of items such as sand, gravel, caves, ceramic pots, gem stones, aquatic plants, ship models etc. Depending upon your budget you may go in for any of these. Read more about decorating your aquarium.

7) Fish Food – Fish food is available in many local pet stores and even on the Internet. You can start with normal canned fish food and then move on to live food such as worms to feed your fish. Read more about fish food FAQ.

The Most Essential Fish Tank Accessories

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